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We often use the comparison that most data contractors 20 years ago made their own patch cords. Now this practice is extremely rare, and not recommended.

We feel backboards are following a similar path, due to increased requirements for building code compliance.

Additionally, now as it was then, contractors who switch from making their own product to purchasing pre-made from Distribution, realize it is more cost effective to utilize their manpower to complete the cable installation sooner.

ReadySPEC Backboards is a Manufacturer specializing in products which make the installation of Industry Standard premise cabling projects easier.

Our goal is to help make your company more profitable by saving you time during the installation process.  Our pre-made telecommunications backboard kits save contractors the time and expense of procuring the materials along with the manpower to field fabricate.

Anyone who has been required to make an Industry Compliant backboard knows, you can’t find all the materials at the local home improvement store. So buy a ready to install backboard from the distributor and move on to the next task. 


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