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ReadySPEC® Series Backboards!

All ReadySPEC® Series backboards are coated with UL® Classified intumescent fire retardant latex paint applied to all sides.  

Never before has it been so easy for Engineers, End Users and Inspectors to verify backboard composition!   


Here are some key features:

Meets Industry Standards of backboard composition. The right wood, the right paint, and the right solution to an Industry old problem. Click on image to learn more.

Made of urea-formaldehyde free plywood to meet Green Building requirements. Click on image to learn more.


Shipped with serialized metal nameplate, certifying backboard composition. Product is verifiable to building codes.



Packaged with four types of wall mount fasteners to attach to block, wood, steel, and drywall. Contractor always has the right fastener!

Select kits are available with a bottle of touch-up and brush. Useful to repair boards cut during installation (example: cutting around an outlet). 

Robust double wall cardboard packaging. Arrives to the job site it perfect condition. 


Kits available in several standard sizes, including kits consisting of backboard panels to cover an entire wall. Click on image to enlarge.



Available in ten different colors:




Thank you for your interest in ReadySPEC® Backboards!


The ReadySPEC®  Series  Fire Retardent latex coating expands and forms a thick cellular char blanket when exposed to flame or high temperatures (intumescence).

Intumescent Latex Features / Benefits:

  • Protects combustible Surfaces
  • Fulfills Class A Rating Established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Meets Most Local and State Fire Laws
  • Passed ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, and UL 723
  • Meets Mine Safety & Health Administration Regulations

ReadySPEC® Series Backboard Data Sheet:
Click image below to download data sheet.




ReadySPEC® Series Backboards are available in Bulk Project Packaging.

Project Packaging Benefits: 

  • Reduced cost per backboard vs our standard boxed product.
  • Reduce the time and expense of opening and disposing of packaging materials at the project site.
  • No drop ship fees. Ship Project Packs directly to project site.    


 Click image below to download data sheet.

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